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Indulge your senses. This scintillating new sparkling wine category combined with the distinctive perfectly-aged Cheeses of Italy’s alpine region will put your taste buds high up in the clouds.

“A PERFECT PAIRING” at @EatalyNYCFlatiron
The “Bollicine del Garda” and Piave PDO cheese were the protagonists of a tasting reserved for the customers of the New York shop, an icon of Made in Italy in the States, @EatalyNYCFlatiron!

A match made in heaven

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Discover the different interpretations of the producers of GardaDoc Pinot Grigio. A glass that is the expression of a territory rich in passion for viticulture that from generation to generation transmits the art of making wine on Lake Garda.
Discover the sparkling wine houses that produce Garda bubbles. A glass symbol of the Bel Vivere that every year brings Lake Garda to be one of the most requested tourist destinations by millions of tourists from all over the world.

Pinot Grigio

Sparkling Wines


Garda Talk

Find out more about the labels of GardaDoc the ones speaking are  representatives of the best brands in the Garda area.

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